Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A couple pics for your viewing pleasure

Bowling for E's birthday party. Well, self-portraits at said party. :D Since I *am* ego-centric and all.

Later gators!

Monday, June 15, 2009

2:29 am I must be lonely

Have I used that title before? It always seems to fit though. Finished a quilt top today. I'm calling it Spring Pop. I always name my quilts. Sometimes I can't remember what I name them though. I remember Disco Fever, Lovely, Grannie's Dream, and I think I named one Cherry Chocolate or something. Who knows?

I should be asleep.

Having one of those crappy days where I ponder life and all it's facets.

Our lilies have bloomed. I do love those lilies. We hit the jackpot with those. They are HUGE and make many giant blooms.

I'm so not a religious person, but those of you that are (LDS) will appreciate this: we were invited by our neighbor's to go to the open house of the newest LDS Temple. For those of you not familiar, once a temple is built and after it's dedicated, you need special paperwork to even get in past the foyer. It's a beautiful building with the most amazing chandeliers EVER. I was completely mesmerized by them. And the rooms and fabrics were exquisite. Yes, I looked at it from an architectural and design point of view, but still. I can see why these building would inspire...whatever you want to call it. I mentioned to B that since this newest one is the 13th in Utah alone, they had best be working on building another one. And for funsies, I tried to get B to say in a regular voice (not a whisper) "Praise be to Krishna" (whatever the hell that means), but he wouldn't do it. I just wanted to see what would happen. So irreverant I am. I never claimed NOT to be though.

Other than sewing, watching the fish (7 one-month old babies and some new-new ones, as in the last couple days). We need to get another tank for the male before he knocks up one of the women-folk again. :P The babies are so cute though! I love babies in all forms, except maybe snakes. Or tarantulas. Ok, there are limits on which babies I love. But still! They are cute!

Til next time (hopefully I'll have a picture of my new quilt by then)...peace!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Holy crap!

I can't believe it's been that long since I blogged! Especially for a chatty person! lol I've been using Facebook a lot. It's perfect for me since I like to do little "recap" posts. Like bullet points. You know?

-So my oldest turned 11 in April.
-My youngest turns nine in two weeks.
-I should be working on a quilt block for a swap, but I'm not. I'm here instead.
-Went to visit my little sister in Idaho for a few days.
-Boys are off-track. So naturally they are bored as can be.
-My lovely husband is in the process of quitting his job and working full-time for the company he and a friend have started. Scary new chapter, but I think it will be ok!
-What happened to May?
-Saw my friend Amber a couple times. Gotta love mall food. :P

Well, that's about it, I guess. Completely uneventful. I know. What's up with you all?