Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Little Sis

She's my little sister, although she is a bit taller than me, I believe. I was joking with her that if she'd been born one year earlier, she'd only be 8 years old this year. And she replied that she acts 8 sometimes.

We have fun! She tells me stories that make me laugh til I cry and my belly hurts. When she visits, she drives slow, cuz she's used to the traffic (or lackthereof) in the small town she lives in. She likes snowboarding, aliens, and frogs (I think, she used to anyway!)

Happy birthday little sis!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A few things!

So happy for this sweet girl Rhian! And that is one of my favorite pics of her. Go check out her news!

Me and my sweet niece at her first birthday party. Such a little doll! She was tired and a little sick and she just snuggled up on me and played and then fell asleep. I can't even explain how much I adore her! She makes me smile!

No pics of the new car yet. I was going to do a fisheye but I used up the roll and haven't put a new one in yet. Digital has made me lazy! lol

And a tag!
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tagged by Gloria. She used her first name, I was going to do that too, but my first name is SOO long, and my middle isn't, but I don't want to put my middle name out in cyberspace. Hmm. I'll make up a name. And no, it's not my middle name.

o-overly emotional sometimes
l-loves photography
i-into crafts
v-very valuable
i-is hard on herself for a lot of stuff
a-always honest

this says i need to tag someone.
like 6 someones.
if it's not too lame for you
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heck, it's always good to share a little something
about yourself. :)

Peace out peeps!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Today is my gorgeous friend's birthday...
Elizabeth! She loves vintage finds, she clips coupons for fun, loves all things zodiac (in astrology, not the killer), has the sweetest sunshine eyes, makes lists, loves Seinfeld with me and has the most beautiful heart in the world!

If you have a chance, pop over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday and scroll through her posts to get to know her a bit and drool over her vintage goodness!

Happy birthday Elizabeth! I can't recall how we came to be internet friends, but I'm so, so glad we did!

Love you!

PS: I borrowed the pic off flickr, I hope you don't mind Elizabeth! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

If this bed's a-rockin...

at 7:16 am it must be an earthquake.

The walls rumbled and the whole bed shook. B and I felt it, but the boys didn't. Nothing fell off the walls or anything. The town where it was apparently located (Wells, Nevada) had a lot of damage though.

There was a second, smaller one about 7:35 which we didn't feel at all.

We live near a municipal airport where they also have some military buildings, so they fly Apache helicopters quite often. When they come in low, all the glass things on shelves rattle a little. So when the whole bed shook, I knew it wasn't an Apache, which are quite loud and I can hear them coming.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Put Something In

Put Something In

Draw a crazy picture,
Write a nutty poem,
Sing a mumble-gumble song,
Whistle through your comb.
Do a loony-goony dance
'Cross the kitchen floor,
Put something silly in the world
That ain't been there before.

by Shel Silverstein

Eta: I challenge everyone to take Shel's advice, and when you've done it, and it's something you can post, post it and the poem, and link me up to it! I wanna see!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Favorite Lyrics Part 6

Another by Jewel, called I'm Sensitive.

I was thinking that I might fly today
Just to disprove all the things you say
It doesn't take a talent to be mean
Your words can crush things that are unseen
So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way.
You always tell me that is impossible
To be respected and be a girl
Why's it gotta be so complicated?
Why you gotta tell me if I'm hated?
So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way.
I was thinking that it might do some good
If we robbed the cynics and took all their food
That way what they believe will have taken place
And we can give it to people who have some faith
So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way.
I have this theory that if we're told we're bad
Then that's the only idea we'll ever have
But maybe if we are surrounded in beauty
Someday we will become what we see
'Cause anyone can start a conflict
it's harder yet to disregard it
I'd rather see the world from another angle
We are everyday angels
Be careful with me 'cause I'd like to stay that way


Click any of those for larger images in flickr.

Finished the charity quilt (it turned out so cute! I hope whomever gets it will love it as much as I do!). Got my hair cut (16-18 inches!!!). Bought a car (a charcoal gray Mazda6!!!). That's about it!

Peace out!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Sweet Little 'H'

Click to see full photo on flickr.

So, this is weird. I went to see my GYN a couple months ago due to a feminine problem, and my regular GYN had stopped seeing non-OB patients. So I saw this midwife (you can see a midwife for general GYN visits, I had no idea!) So I started seeing her. She was super nice. Got me going on my thyroid meds again, did my annual exam (is it still an annual if the last time I had one was 2004?), etc etc.

The other day I call to follow up on my thyroid and stuff, and they tell me she has left their practice and moved to an office quite some distance away, and has taken her patient files with her.

I called and left a message for her nurse, and have not gotten a call back. But at this point, I'm already irked because if I had KNOWN she was moving, I would have asked her to a)leave my file at the old practice or b)sent my file over to my GP. Because both issues I was having can be handled by my GP. I was only going thru her since she did my annual exam.

So anyway, I'm irritated. That my original GYN never told HIS patients he was not going to see non-OB patients anymore, that the new doctor left without telling her patients, that I've never been called back regarding things she was handling before her move. I'm going to stop in to my GP's office and ask that my records be transferred.

That's all for today! Peace out!

Friday, February 08, 2008

52 Weeks...Week 33...

Click to see full photo on flickr.

Thanks for the comments girls! My neck is one of my least favorite spots on my body, but this photo actually made it look good! Seductive? I'll take your word for it. lol

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cleaning House

You guys are so funny! No, nothing juicy is getting deleted. I actually blurbed it...into one of those books. So I kind of didn't see the point of leaving all that on here.


It's turned out to be a royal pain in the arse to delete more than one post at a time. So they may end up sticking around since I'm way too lazy to sit here and his the buttons that many times.

No worries! Just felt like cleaning up a bit and that felt like a good way. Mostly since yesterday was my two year blogiversary. Two years! So I wanted a clean slate, so to speak.

My lovely husband has offered me my own domain on which to do a blog, so I may end up deleting this one completely and doing that, depending on how much work it ends up being.

I will definitely keep everyone posted! :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008


*Rhi sent me the most awesome camera ever for my birthday! It's a little fisheye camera and I have been having a BLAST with it! Haven't had any pics developed from it yet, since it used real film. But as soon as I do, I will share!
*The snow has been amazing this winter! I am glad I don't have to drive far in it, but when it's fresh and new it's absolutely gorgeous! And so much of it! I made a little snowman today, with an actual CARROT nose! I took some pics with the fisheye camera Rhi sent me.
*I have 3 packages to send tomorrow. One is a VERY late bingo prize from October (eek! I'm so mad at myself for letting that happen!). One is a package full of fun stuff, sort of a cross between a late Christmas gift and a just because package. And the last one is a box full of birthday goodness for my little sis, whose birthday isn't til March, but I don't want to wait to send it. :)
*I really like sending cute little notebooks to people. Maybe because I love cute little notebooks so it's kind of like giving what you'd like to receive?
*Why the HELL is Solitaire Golf so DAMN hard people? I played this as a kid and I swear I won a lot. Out of like 950 games (they go quickly, don't judge me!) I've won 14. FOURTEEN! Wth??? I much prefer Pyramid or Freecell, but this Golf has me obsessed!
*Got a heart shaped cake pan (to make heart shaped cake) and some velcro (to make myself an MP3 player armband). It really IRKS me that if you don't have an iPod, the accessories out there are slim to nil. As if EVERYONE has an iPod. Maybe they do! But I know one person who doesn't, and probably never will. Can you say MONOPOLY???
*I plan to go walking around the indoor basketball gym in the mornings. We'll see how that goes.

I guess that's all for now! Peace out!