Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Sweet Little 'H'

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So, this is weird. I went to see my GYN a couple months ago due to a feminine problem, and my regular GYN had stopped seeing non-OB patients. So I saw this midwife (you can see a midwife for general GYN visits, I had no idea!) So I started seeing her. She was super nice. Got me going on my thyroid meds again, did my annual exam (is it still an annual if the last time I had one was 2004?), etc etc.

The other day I call to follow up on my thyroid and stuff, and they tell me she has left their practice and moved to an office quite some distance away, and has taken her patient files with her.

I called and left a message for her nurse, and have not gotten a call back. But at this point, I'm already irked because if I had KNOWN she was moving, I would have asked her to a)leave my file at the old practice or b)sent my file over to my GP. Because both issues I was having can be handled by my GP. I was only going thru her since she did my annual exam.

So anyway, I'm irritated. That my original GYN never told HIS patients he was not going to see non-OB patients anymore, that the new doctor left without telling her patients, that I've never been called back regarding things she was handling before her move. I'm going to stop in to my GP's office and ask that my records be transferred.

That's all for today! Peace out!


glo.riah said...

and they wonder why women put it off...

as if the click click clicking isn't enough...


Greta said...

isn't that a pisser

missquiss said...

Hey lady,
The fabrics in that quilt are so pretty together. Sorry about the annoying doctor stuff.

Sorry I'm so bad at keeping in touch. How have you been?