Thursday, February 21, 2008

If this bed's a-rockin...

at 7:16 am it must be an earthquake.

The walls rumbled and the whole bed shook. B and I felt it, but the boys didn't. Nothing fell off the walls or anything. The town where it was apparently located (Wells, Nevada) had a lot of damage though.

There was a second, smaller one about 7:35 which we didn't feel at all.

We live near a municipal airport where they also have some military buildings, so they fly Apache helicopters quite often. When they come in low, all the glass things on shelves rattle a little. So when the whole bed shook, I knew it wasn't an Apache, which are quite loud and I can hear them coming.


Greta said...

wow...that is scary!!!

glo.riah said...

i remember that feeling.
it was SO cool the FIRST time.
after that it got annoying.
we'd have to go through the house and straighten all the pics.

i miss japan.

missquiss said...

Earthquakes are scary. Glad everything is OK.

Rhi said...

wow. its almost a little bit exciting.
but only when nothing is damaged.

tams said...

how scary!
I've never felt an earthquake, just thinking about it makes me dizzy. Glad you are okay.