Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whole Lotta Great Lyrics

So I've been posting my favorite lyrics here every so often. This one is a whole CD of them.

Some of the songs have a bit of a rap feel to them, but they are still awesome. You might know him from a song he did called "Nothing Left to Lose". He might have another on the radio now. Anyway, they are all excellent.

Mat Kearney. Fo shizzle.

Peace out!


Monica said...

omg dude.
seriously..can i just crawl into your brain for like 5 mins?? geez. you are so in like flynn.

kimmyk said...

I love this. are those your hands??

i hate shaving my legs too. i'd show ya but you'd probably gag. whatcha do with the chopsticks?

fat and scrappy said...

Surely you jest... how can you not move on to round 3 with this kicka$$ layout!!!! I don't feel so bad getting the boot after round 1 seeing this project. I am not worthy!

Pound said...

oh good luck on lss! last yr was very stressful :P
your page is really creative!

gloria said...

AWEsome LO joce!!

elizabeth said...

okay, that los is the best i've ever seen.

pure genius!!!!

rebecca lucille said...

this lo rocks!

Loz said...

Gotta agree with the Mat Kearney recommendation :)