Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Busy!

Working madly on two quilts, one for charity (which I will upload a photo of sometime this week) and one for my sister in law. The charity one I had to handtie, which I am not crazy about, but I think it looks great! The other one I took to the quilt store for the most amazing longarm quilter in the universe to do for me.

I am so glad those two things are done! They were big projects, weighing on my poor, overtaxed brain for months and months.

I also have stories galore from our trip to Montana (including a treacherous hike in which I tumbled down a shale slide and got pretty banged up), Yellowstone (where we saw several large animals cross the road right in front of us), the Tetons (hello, is Jenny Lake the MOST beautiful lake EVER? I think so!) and all the while in excruciating pain from the fall which happened on the 2nd day of vacation. Still recovering. Hurts to breathe, may have injured my ribs. I also have this rattle in my chest when I cough, which is probably unrelated to the rib thing, but it makes my ribs hurt very badly.

So I have some more quilting to do. Dentist appointments. Boys go back to school next Monday. Birthday packages to ship. Photos to take of SD cards, but not sure how (different camera and file format than we usually do). Busy busy!



Greta Adams said...

would it be appropriate if i call you Grace from now on? because i am grace too...LOL

glad you are not hurt with anything broken like legs are arms...and the 2nd day of vacay! YIKES!! glad you are ok besides banged up..

and can't wait to see those quilts...i have no doubt in mymind they are BEE-U-TIFUL

kimmyk said...

i can't wait to see the quilts! i love those. so snuggly and warm.

i can't believe your boys are going back to school so late. really? mine have been back for a month now.