Thursday, May 29, 2008

Riddle for you...

What do you get when you take a sick girl who slept a lot in the day, and then couldn't sleep that night because she forgot to get her anxiety pills from the pharmacy?

Answer: ME! I could not sleep. It's been a long-ish night. Mostly I tried to at least rest, but even just laying there was hurting my head. I had a too-much-sun hangover (you know, that flu-ish, achy all over feeling) and felt like poop Tuesday night and Wednesday until about nine-ish. Then I just had a headache. And then suddenly it was 11 and I had no pills to make me tired. Damn!

There was a REALLY freaky bug in the house, plus a giant moth that could easily be mistaken for a small bird. The moth came into our room (since the lamp was on) and I wigged. Then that freaky, mutant mosquito thing came in and I doubly-freaked! B injured the moth, and it flew somewhere and died, I presume. The bug thing also disappeared, and B wussed out in fear and went to sleep in the living room. I, on the other hand, cannot sleep anywhere but my bed (most of the time) so I bravely soldiered on and covered my entire body except for my nose with my blanket. Finally, I decided to listen to some tunes, and I swear to all that is holy, that thing must have been perched somewhere, just waiting for a bit of light to flight toward. The Zen wasn't even on for one minute and the thing came at it. It brushed my eyebrow and I thought maybe it was the earbud cords, but then I saw it in front of the Zen screen and let out some sort of keen/wail/cry sound (which I couldn't hear very well cuz of the earbuds, but what it sounded like inside my head was awful) and I called for B and he came and murdalized it. We honestly have no clue what that thing was! bleh I hate mystery bugs!

Well, that's about it. I might go watch the sunrise. I feel like I should be packing to go fishing or camping, seeing as those are really the only times I'm up this early. :)



Paper Girl Productions said...

Hi! I hope you feel better!
I know what you mean! I hate bugs!! I remember seeing this dragonfly and I swear it was carrying a squirrel!! I kid you not!! Come visit when you're up to it!

glo.riah said...

okay that would give me the hibby jibbies!!

Rhi said...

oh no:(
not sleeping sucks.
and ew...weird bugs.
did you google it to find out what it is?! lol

kimmyk said...

OMG. I got the shivers several times reading this!!!

I hate HATE bugs. I especially hate those big moths that look like they could steal a kid on their back and fly away.

GAhhhh. Hate 'em. *shivering again*

Hope you got some rest!

Jen said...

you silly girl! what are you doing???
get some sleep!
and i am sure that i told you i had a blog...remember, i talked about linking you up and my jocey...anyway...i hope you stop by regularly so we can chat double time! LOL!
altho, i might not be around much this can still stop by and say helloooooooo! ha!

*fauve* said...

You can use 1 quote or several quotes for the Amelie challenge!Feel free to do what you like :D