Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet Fancy Moses!

I knew it had been a while since I blogged, but didn't realize just how long. Let's see...what have I been doing?

I have been watching what is happening with these:

Click to go to my flickr set to see for yourself!

I have been enjoying this Mother's Day gift:

The little lantern has a solar cell so after the sun goes down his lantern glows for a while. Isn't he cute?

And I've still been on the lookout for these:

Any funny signs. I took quite a few photos a couple weeks ago, but have seen more since so I need to go out and take more. This is one of my faves though.

I or we also:
☺ left MySpace (I have a regular blog, why did I need a MySpace page?)
☺ started a fairy garden
☺ planted a rosebush
☺ started my 52 Weeks Self Portrait album (which you can see here: 52 Weeks and that will be updated as I add pages.)
☺ have neglected any quilting for quite some time, just haven't been in the mood for it really. (and that should have a frownie, but I couldn't find one).
☺ added some stuff to my etsy shop.
☺ hung some heat and light blocking curtains to the kitchen, and they really do!
☺ got a laptop, for all of us, though B keeps referring to it as HIS. And it has a webcam, so we've been doing some little videos.
☺ joined twitter, which I don't fully understand yet. I think the disturbing part is the word 'following'. That has negative connotations for me.
☺ made some new friends on flickr, I can't believe the talent over there!

So that's about it, I guess. Sorry I went so long between posts. Really unusual for me, but I think I've summed it up quite nicely.



kimmyk said...

what pretty blue eggs!
thank you for my postcard i received today. made me smile!

so what am i suppose to do with the photo thingamajig?

fun fun fun!

glo.riah said...

happy to see you blogging again!!

Greta Adams said...

i don't keep up with my MYSPACE acct either..i hate much advertising...

you have been buys and your postcards are int he mail....lmao

Anonymous said...

just popped in to say hello.
cool mother's day gift!!

Chriselda said...

i saw this on your flickr.
cute cute.
one of my weddings had little egg nests as favors. only the eggs were chocolate and gum.

just so you know...
i find that highly disturbing.


miss ya!

Dees said...

Oh my this is going to be even more fun,I love to read blogs!!I will add yours to my favorites and will drop in frequently ok??have a great day and thanks again for your sweet testimonial.xoxo