Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some kind of July (so far!)

I've been spending less time online lately, and some of you may know why. My mom had a pretty serious heart attack early (like 1 am) on June 30th. She was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, where she had a stent placed in her heavily clogged artery. We also later found out she had pneumonia (possibly walking pneumonia) but didn't find that out until she was discharged. So she was on the breathing tubes for that whole Monday. It's always hard to see someone in that condition. She seemed able to hear me and tried to speak, but for the most part she was really out of it. The next day she was awake and somewhat coherent. Tubes out. She knew we were there and she spoke in a whisper. The following day she was a little better, actually kind of grumpy and irritable about her shoulders hurting and her throat.

Thursday morning as we prepared to go visit we had a call from my dad, they were releasing her. We were all quite shocked by this, we'd all planned for a longer stay. And the oddest thing? She was in the ICU the entire time. She was released straight from the ICU! We were flabbergasted! We thought surely she'd have been moved to a regular room for a bit of recovery. But apparently she had improved so well, that they just sent her home. Color us perplexed! So we went to see her on Friday, the 4th and spent a few hours. She seemed fairly normal. Still had a cough from the pneumonia and she'd lost what little voice she had, so we really had to listen hard to hear her.

I spoke with her this morning (I've actually talked to her a bunch of times, mostly short 'how are you doing?' type calls so as not to stress her voice) but today we had an actual conversation. She seems to be bouncing back really well. We have trouble visiting due to her smoking (yes, even after this whole thing, but she seems to have cut back) and the smoke really messes us up. I get migraines and my little one gets a cough.

So after all that, doing my regular online things (reading blogs, looking at photos, etc) didn't seem quite so important. I took some time to read. Watched mindless TV. And grasped the reality that a)my mom's artery probably does look like the one I saw on that quit-smoking ad all those years ago; the one I couldn't watch after the first time because it made me sick to be looking at my mom's artery. b)this near miss didn't make her stop smoking. c)her smoking will probably what kills her. d)I don't think she will ever stop smoking and that makes me incredibly sad. Even now, I looked for that commercial to link here, and I watched a small portion and I nearly vomited, so I didn't link it.


This lovely image brought to you by the California wildfire smoke drifting into Utah, making our sunsets blood-red. While they are beautiful, it's still rather tragic. I myself have seen the benefit of the fires that raged in Yellowstone in 1988 (someone correct me if I have the year wrong), but I'm not sure California will benefit in quite the same way. Especially since they've had the fires two years in a row. It's just heartbreaking! Insignificant words from someone who can't really do anything to help, but still...

We went to the park the other day to play ball. Well, balls, really. Kicked soccer balls, tossed footballs, and played a little Frisbee. Can I just say that I LOVE Frisbee? I am so glad it was invented! It's like, almost the only sport I'm good at. I think I'm good at croquet too, but it's been a while since I played it. I took my Fisheye camera to the park that day and I can't wait to see what images I caught with it! Gotta take the roll of film to Costco to be developed. I LOVE that camera people! It's so much fun!

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll try to update more often. I'm still trying not to vomit from that video. Bleh. Every time I think about it...

Ok, peace out!


staceyfike said...

wow! rough month, huh?
it kills me when i see people dragging around an oxygen tank and puffing away on a ciggy, but as a former smoker i can tell you that it is HARD to quit. h.a.r.d.
hopefully your mom will come around though......

kimmyk said...

sorry to hear about your mom.
my mom is, well was...a heavy smoker. she'd smoke like two packs a day and not blink an eye. i hated going to my parents house cause my hair and my clothes would smell like smoke. so finally when abbie was old enough she really got on my mom "maw maw you're going to die if you keep smoking" "i dont want you to die..." stuff like that-that was enough for my mom to cut back and tell abbie she was quitting. last year abbie caught my mom smoking out by the barn and it completely gutted my mom knowing she told abbie like a year or so before that she was quitting for her. since then, the guilt has made my mom seek help from her doctor and she started chantix. it took her two weeks to quit. once she was done she noticed herself the *smell* in her house-had her carpets cleaned and walls painted. and our visits are a lot nicer now.

i hate advocating the use of children, BUT! maybe your lil' darlins could put the bug in her ear?

i'd hate to see what my moms arteries look like. probably like your moms. sad isn't it?

i hope she continues to recover quickly.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

So B just happened to mention this today, we had no idea. I am so sorry! I'm glad she is somewhat ok? Let me know if there is anything we can do! I can't imagine what you have been through. My hubby got an earfull about his smoking from Shay and Rex after we had talked about this. I wish he would quit with all of my heart, but there are no words to convince him.

BTW: sorry to not get back to you the other night, but I meant to say let us take the boys maybe sunday? Just to get you guys some rest and get them out of the house?

You don't need to publish this comment, just seemed easier than opening my email back up!

whitey said...

Jocelynne, sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope things go well for her under the hard circumstances. I have an uncle who has pretty much done the same thing. He had his surgery 19 years ago and has not really lived since that day.But continues to smoke. His next surgery if he lives that long will be out east somewhere and could be there 3 months if he can survive the surgery.

MONICA said...

joce, i'm so glad you updated!!
its hard to start up again once you havent in ages though, isnt it?

i'm sorry to hear about your mom--its the worst feeling in the world to be so helpless in situations like this. I feel almost the same way with my mom, but, she did quit smoking (abt. 8 years ago, and got lung cancer anyway).

anyways, hope you are well, i can't wait to see your fisheye photos!