Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cricket Serenade

crickets serenade me
they sing their songs
in the dark part of the day
a nice contrast to the sting
of my blistered fingers
blistered from cutting
the unwanted growth in nature

it's too warm for sheets
too cool for the fan
stuck in the middle
of being asleep
and being uncomfortable

sleep eludes me
and on the nights
when sleep eludes me
i realize just how much
i hate how my brain is wired
how much i long to be outside
even for a short time

i know that won't happen
can't happen
so i shall lie and listen
to the crickets serenade me

1 comment:

kimmyk said...

i have not heard crickets in a good two years i bet.

i hate them things. they use to get in everything...the garage the house everything....haven't seen one in a long time.

they are sort of peaceful though--in a summertime sort of way.