Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To All my Internet Friends:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm counting you all in my blessings. Have a safe and wonderful day with your loved ones.

Peace out!

PS: Back in 2001 a group of wonderful ladies joined together on Yahoo to chat about scrapbooking and life and whatnot. We all became good friends! But the last couple years we've spoken less and less. This week one of the members, Anna, contacted us and invited us to become a group once again, this time on Facebook. I joined and quickly found my newest, older, and oldest friends again. Isn't the internet amazing? So if you wanna link me on Facebook, click on my link over there ---> and add me!

PPS: I also added a "follow my blog" thing below the clock. So if you wanna see what's up when I post a new post, click there, okie dokie?


glo.riah said...

happy thinakgiving
(albeit a lil late)
to you too!!


Greta Adams said...

is that follow me the best...because it automatically will put it in your google reader!! woot woot!! it's become my new friend...

i think we are already friends on facebook ..but unfortunately i hardly get on facebook

lily40au said...

Hey Jocelynne, it was so nice of Anna to contact us, and it will be so much fun to keep in contact again.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.