Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I hired a personal blogger...

and she hasn't been doing her job. She will be let go.

Anyway, over here in my world we're just getting ready for Christmas. Exciting, I know. Here's a breakdown in case you're interested:
● Working on an 8x8 scrapbook for a gift.
● Took down all the regular household brick-a-brack (is that how that's spelled?) to prepare for Christmas decorations.
● Have most of the shopping done.
● Made a gingerbread house
● Penguin lawn decorations are set up (I'll get pics of them later)

I still have lots to do. Small stuff. I'm also revamping the photos above our entertainment center. Painting frames black for that. Changing out pics. I just got tired of the old stuff, which has been there for way too long. It'll be nice to have new stuff to look at. Art from friends, art from fave etsy artists, art from the husband (most of the pics around the house were taken by me...but I spend a lot of time here, shouldn't I get to see my own pics that I love?)

Ok, so now this post is old news. I wasn't finished and just saved to drafts. So all of those things are done (well, mostly) but have been replaced by a new list. Isn't that how lists work? I'll put it on my list to research the dynamics of lists.

I'll try to post more. Haven't I been saying that for a long time? :D

Peace out!


kimmyk said...

off with her head!

*the personal blogger chick*

that's what i need...a personal blogger...and a wife.


someone to do all the crap i do everyday so i can sit down and read blogs and write on my own.

kimmyk said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

dawn m. said...

heh heh... a personal blogger. i need one of those!