Sunday, January 04, 2009

all things girl dot net

So about a month ago I was asked for permission to include my photo in an online magazine called All Things Girl. The theme this time is "Journeys" and there are some amazing submissions on that topic. Here's a link to my photograph on their site, but please do look around at the other amazing contributions.

A funny side-note: The photo underneath mine is by a photographer I've become friendly with online named Olivia Kjellander Hook, who does some amazing "through the viewfinder" photography, which got me interested in that form of photography. The title of my photo is "For Olivia". Yes, the same Olivia. The reason it was for Olivia? We were going to team up to do a photo duo with the little globe, of which she also has one. And it was my very first "through the viewfinder" photo ever. So it's kind of cool to see that she's also in the article, though I didn't know that before now.

"Through the viewfinder" photography is a method in which a digital photo is taken through the eyepiece of another camera, usually an old twin lens reflex like mine, named Minnie. I do believe some people use other types of cameras as well. But Minnie is what I use.

So anyway, just wanted to share! Go check out if you feel so inclined, look around, have fun.

Peace out!

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kimmyk said...

oh i love your minnie.
and my friend angie is one of the photo editors of that magazine!

small world.

and great picture of the world. LOL!!

love your minnie did i tell you that already? totally cool.