Tuesday, March 03, 2009

11:39 PM

Yep, should be in bed. And yet, here I am, on the stupid laptop tapping away about I have no idea what yet. Might be a list. Let's try that.

Have you seen that show Parenthood with Steve Martin? I got a bite/nightguard a couple weeks ago to keep from gritting my teeth and clenching my jaw and all that fun stuff. I've pretty much been wearing it 24/7 since. It's definitely helping! I've only had one headache in that time. Anyway, I wake up this morning and I'm like "Oh shit, where's my mouth thing?" It was not in my mouth! Which means at some point during the night I took it out. When I was younger I had retainers after I had braces, and sometimes I'd take those out in my sleep and put them under my pillow. So of course, that's where I checked first. No go. So begins the great search. I started crying, because I couldn't believe I'd lost that thing! It was $500! I was NOT looking forward to that phone call to my dentist either. B was telling me it was fine, if we didn't find it we'd get another one, cuz it's helped so much! Anyway, after everyone had left for work or school, I looked around again. Under the bed, I spied one of the metal "tines" that hold it in place on my teeth. I was so relieved I just sat there and looked at it for a long time after I got from under the bed. The whole thing reminded me of the kid on Parenthood when he loses his retainer in that pizza place. The horrible irony is that while I was looking for the stupid thing, I was grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw. Lovely!

I found my long lost friend on Facebook the other day. Or maybe she found me. We'd been friends since like 1st grade or something up until high school. And then she was in my wedding, and I went to her wedding, and from there it gets hazy. But anyway, so funny! Just chatting about the things we used to do and laugh about. I preferred being at her house more than mine. For lots of reasons, but one is that her house was so laid back. She might disagree, but that's sure how it felt compared to my house.

I've also reconnected with some of my cousins. When we were young, we were close with some of the family on my mom's side. Mostly her sisters (my aunts and their husbands of course), and their kids. It's been fun reminiscing with them and seeing them all grown up in photos, since we haven't seen them much since we were kids. Now I need to find and scan pics of them when they were little and show them. Even way back then I was toting my 110 camera around and begging for another roll of film.

Today I returned two items to two different stores. For some lame ass reason, neither place would just give me cash. Oh no, it had to be a gift card (ie store credit). WTH??? One of the returns was some Clinique makeup, my last attempt at makeup before giving up completely. And yes, I was indeed allergic to even Clinique. I don't foresee needing any Clinique ever again, but thanks for the store credit. ::insert eye roll here:: The second return was Franklin Covey, to return an unopened hole punch for a size of organizer I thought I might start using but decided against. I have a punch for the size I do use. And I have a whole year of calendar pages. What on Earth could I possibly need a store credit for? I rolled my eyes and got a cute pen and some cute mechanical pencils. Seriously, he couldn't just give me the $30? (It was a metal punch, very strong and nice. Also doubles as a weapon.)

I didn't get much done today. Folded some laundry. Went to the library and those other places. Exciting times I live. I got a quilt back from the shop, so now I need to sew on the binding, and it'll be done. I'll post a pic when it's finished.

Wednesday is Parent-Teacher Conferences. A little nervous about P's review. We've had some problems with him getting his work done, but I feel like we've made progress, so we'll see what his teacher has to say.

We're all finally done being sick ::knock on wood:: so maybe that will be the last for a while, other than allergies of course. It was so windy today! It made the whole valley look so gross, all dusty and bleh.

I've been meaning to do a "Favorite Lyrics" post, but I keep forgetting what song I want to do. I'm thinking it's another Jewel. Or Joshua Radin. See? I forget. Or maybe it's a song from Garden State. I'll do my best, cuz I know everyone is waiting on baited breath for that. ;)

I guess that's it! Peace out!

And special thanks to my sweet friend KimmyK, if it wasn't for her comments I would be certain no one reads my blog. Well, sometimes I get comments from other people, but not very often. Also, Kimmy just had surgery, so send some healing vibes her way!

OMG! Even when I post more often my posts are crazy long! Yikes!


staceyfike said...

i read :) i'm usually just to lazy to comment.

kimmyk said...

i lost my bite guard recently and i'll be darned if i wasn't in krogers grocery store and they have the dumb things now. check it out there or in walmart or whatever cause it was like only 25 bucks!!!

good to hear y'all aren't sickies anymore. i hate winter and the germs it brings.

i thought about activating my facebook page again but i'm afraid who will find me.

thanks for the well wishes! very sweet of you!

lily40au said...

Darling, I read your blog. I'm even an official follower through blogger. Now you have to update your blog to two people read it! LOL