Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't you think it would be cool...

if you could choose your name once you decided what you liked?

I would probably go with the name Violet. Not because of that brat on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For the color. And it looks cool in Kanji, doesn't it? Yeah, I think I'd go with that. And of course, purple is my favorite color, so it's fitting, isn't it?

It's easy to spell, not many variations, probably easy to understand over the phone, only 6 letters, there's a flower named violet...what's not to love? And I would get to say " in Victor" which doesn't happen enough, really. That's fun to say. I get to say " in boy" and " in Nancy" and " in cat" a lot, so they're worn out.

What name would you choose if you could?


Lisa said...

I really like my name. and I love Violet. It's on my list of names if I ever have a little girl. I think a good alternate name for me would be Ava. I really love that name.

Happy Friday!!

kimmyk said...

if i could choose my name...hmm....

i like my name. i think i'd keep it.
but i've always loved the name chloe.

love that name. but i'm not a chloe.

i'm a kimmy. *sigh*

Rhi said...

violet is on my top three girls names list for a baby girl i may or may not have before die.
i love it alot.
i also love your blog alot, and when i have proper internet, will read every post i have missed properly, and reply adequately <3

believe_in_magic said...

What a fun question! I would have changed my name at age 2, if I'd had the choice. What kind of kid wants to be named Martha? Everyone tells me that's their grandma's or great-aunt's name and I'm stinkin' 25. I would choose Jillian or Karina or Camille, something much cooler. That's why I go by Mj, it keeps people guessing!

Oh, and I've become a member of your faithful "blog-ience" (once I figured out that has nothing to do with science), through your Flickr site, in case you weren't sure who I am... :)