Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Expectations of Reactions

The picture doesn't go with the rest of the post, but it's my boys being completely bored on Easter. lol We left the grandparents' house soon after.

Anyway, the topic for today is Expectations. Most notably my expectations of how people will react to something I have given them as a gift. Especially if it's something I made. Or went to great pains to choose.

I'm not sure just how I can consistently under- or overestimate people's reactions. I mean, if I think they'll be sort of lackadaisical about the thing, they end up being overly ecstatic! And conversely, if I think they will be really excited about something, they end up being sort of, well, bleh about it.

It happens all the time. Maybe I am guessing their reaction would be the same as my reaction if things were reversed.

Let me at least say this much, I wasn't the only one confused by the reaction of the gift recipient. After intense questioning, B also said he wasn't sure what the person thought of the gift. The gift was a belated Christmas gift, which was not finished on Christmas, but I told the person that their gift was this item when it was finished. And that got quite the reaction, let me tell you! So B thinks maybe the reaction was so mellow just because the person already knew what it was.

We also aren't sure if maybe the person didn't say much due to being choked up over the gift.

I just felt kind of let down after this whole thing and now I wonder why I even do it? I know that giving is the best part, I really do. And I don't do it for the thanks. I do love the reactions though and I just wish I had a clear reaction to store away in my brain, you know?

Anyway, sorry I couldn't be more specific. I know it's me. I have to stop trying to anticipate people's reactions. I need to just be a blank canvas and accept whatever reaction I get. No matter how confusing it is.

So, my faithful blog-ience...does this happen to you too?


Greta said...

yes it happens to me too....here is the deal i think...people who don't craft or handmake things don't know the time and love involved in something so they can't fully appreciate the whole hand made gift thing....people are strange but i chalk it up to they will not get another hand made thing from me EVAH again...

"Jo" in many sizes said...

I didn't see the act of the gift giving but was there soon after. Agree that it was a little more mellow of a reaction than I expected. Could've be emotion, could be she saw it on the table the whole time and new she was getting it then? Or it could be that it is just her personality, and you never know what to expect. At least I don't.

Lisa said...

Oh, yeah this happens to me. I call it gifting remorse. I feel remorse in giving the gift after I see the reaction. I want "big bang" reactions. But this is me.. not them, so I really consider it my problem. I put all this thought into the perfect gift, spend the time making it and then get blah responses and if I were the receiver I would just be thrilled with the thought, effort, talent, etc...

You are not alone! :)