Monday, March 03, 2008

Lone & Red

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I'm realizing that people who say 'let me know if you need to talk' generally don't mean that. It's more along the lines of saying 'fine' when someone asks how you are, when you really aren't 'fine' at all.

There are a certain few people I know will listen if/when I need to talk. But I truly don't want to burden those people without the offered ears. And trust me people, sometimes I just need to talk. Maybe the talk won't be so pretty, most likely it'll be littered with f-bombs and s-bombs.

The few times I've reached out to those people who've offered their ears to me, I've been royally rebuffed. And that makes me scratch my skin.

Literally. I've got anxiety over God knows what, and I just wanted someone to listen, and when I bottle that anxiety...guess what happens. I scratch myself til I bleed and I pull hair from my head and hyperventilate.

I'm not saying this for pity or to freak anyone out or whatever.

All I'm saying is that if you offer to listen when someone needs to talk, be ready for that call.

And I can honestly say that every time I've said that very thing, I've meant it. I don't say that if I don't mean it, because I know how important that is.

Peace out all!


Chriselda said...

you know, i had one of these moments last week. and i just needed a friend
and i called all of my friends.
and they couldn't talk
and i think *that* made me feel worse
that i couldn't even talk

so i didn't
and it sucked.
and the next day my friend says
"your eyes are red"
and i said "yeah i know"
and she said "why"
and i said "cause i've been crying all day!!!"
hello? is this thing on

anyway, i'm here.
round the clock.
unless my cell battery is dead

kimmyk said...

first off, i played your meme.

secondly, if you ever need an ear...i'm your girl. i would never blow you off. EV.ER. EVER. NEVER EVER.
if somethin is buggin' just say the word and i'm all ears and fingers or a phone call away.

Greta said...

well girl i am here for you when you need to talk....and I MEAN IT!!!


i have been MIA lately so i am playing catch up