Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I truly...

do not know how single parents handle a household. I am thoroughly exhausted by taking care of 4 people and it's starting to show in my response time to requests for extra pillows, juice, even just meals.

B is doing well. He didn't need any pain medication today. He volunteered to go with me on my errands to get out of the house for a bit, then we went to lunch. It was probably too much for his foot, but when we got back, he napped and seems to be fine.

This evening his brother and his wife brought over some DVDs for him to while his time away recovering, as well as some Coke and licorice. It was nice to have them over, even if the house was a mess (see above mentioned exhaustion).

I've been Spring cleaning my computer stuff. Contact lists on flickr, kind of closed down my myspace page in favor of this blog (though I LOVED the background I had set up over there, gotta see if there's a way to put that on here), deleted blogs I don't read anymore and those of people whom I respected at some point but turned out to be sort of snobs. Paring down the distractions, I guess you could say.

Painted a little bit of wood this evening to sell in my etsy shop. A cute chunky style dragonfly which I ended up getting on sale. It'll be hard to let that go, but I think I can manage. I'm really enjoying this little side endeavor. I also have some ideas for decorated picture frames, so I'll see how those fare in the shop.

Tomorrow I will be doing laundry, dropping off a roll of fisheye photos to be developed, and chatting with my girl Rhian hopefully, though I just realized she is most likely without internet still. Speaking of Rhian, she recently became a Fashionista for Scrap in Style TV. I'm so excited for her! I miss chatting with her though, so I hope she gets internet soon! (hint hint!)

What else...what else. No pics this post, but hopefully I can have some for next post.

E's birthday is coming up and right before B's surgery he offered to have E's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. And guess who's been too tired to even call and ask for pricing? Tomorrow. For sure.

Well, I guess that's it for this round.

Peace out!


glo.riah said...

yes, single parents pretty much
rock my socks...i don't know how
they have the energy!!

i'll send you some of my energy
today if you'll send some of yours
this weekend.


got your card... SO CUTE!!
(need to take a pic of it for the blogaroo!!)

Rhi said...

i'm here waiting for you!

and your new banner is beautiful btw.

Chriselda said...

lots of crying
that's how we do it.