Thursday, September 17, 2009

List Part II

► Feeling so unenchanted about life right now. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is fascinating to me. My life has become dull and routine, except for broken bones. Sometimes I go with Amber to lunch and smack into doors and run into trees and stuff. But bleh.
► My list posts always seem longer than other people's list posts. I'm so chatty. I really should blog more. That way my posts will be shorter. Right?
► I want to make something for the baby but I heard her momma say she had too many blankets already. So what do I do? No idea. Besides, she has surpassed me in her sewing skills, so anything I make she can make much better than I can. The momma, not the baby.
► I like Target's halloween stuff this year.
► I've become addicted to Facebook's Mahjong game. I prefer WordJong. Which is similar in the tile setup, but you have to make words. Fun! And later this month a Where's Waldo game is coming out. And they just came out with PINK Nintendo DSIs. It's like, what do I have to do to get one of those babies?
► Got the boys' school pics back. I must say, my boys are so handsome! I sort of let them down this summer by not doing much stuff, but I seem to burn so easily what can I do? We only went to the pool once. And that's it. I'm an awful mom. Awful. Or at least I feel like it. :(
► I like old school photobooths. A lot. And I can count on Miss Amber to go with me and act like a dork with me in them. I'll post a pic. :D
► Loving this cooler weather.
► Peace!


danilouwho said...

I'm chatty too. too much! I over explain everything I think. I edit and edit and over edit. lol.

I still have not really tried out any of the games on facebook - I need to look into them I think!!

Anonymous said...

gah! i am lame. a LAME-O. it's been forever since i commented on what you have to say. i liked this random post and you can count on me for eating and for photobooth fun. you make the geek come out of me. uh! that sounded gross. didn't mean it that way though.