Thursday, September 17, 2009

What shall we post about? A list maybe?

► The oldest broke his arm. The details are a bit sketchy but the overall scenario seems to be corroborated by the other party present. Some sort of football, E advanced with two hands and pushed the kid in the chest, and pop goes the bones. Yes, bones. Both radius and ulna, about an inch or so below the wrist joint. The kid he hit into didn't even budge! I imagined him flying backward, since the force broke bones. Took him to the urgent care and got him casted up. He was in an immense amount of pain, probably due to the rotating motion as well as the flexing motion. Once the cast was on, the pain was gone nearly immediately. He'll wear this for about 3 weeks and then a re-exam to see how the healing is going. Quite baffled as to why they broke so easily. The doc in the urgent care is an orthopedic surgeon, and he said that this kind of break is the best kind. The bones don't displace or move apart, but rather grind into each other causing a bulge. So he should heal nicely. Green cast. I decorated it today with an alien head, a spaceship with an alien, and a skull & crossbones. Some kids signed it. B drew a rocket. P drew something but he draws so small, he says it's a guy doing a thumbs up sign. Ok then!
► Glad the weather has been tolerable the last while. It was getting week nice, one week hot, one day chilly, then hot again. I know Utah has wildly unpredictable weather, but this was extreme!
► Went to Amber's mom's yard sale. Got some super old bottles for my in-laws who collect old stuff like that. Got myself a couple little bottles to do something fun with. Got some geodes (those are freakin cool!) and some fabric.
► My dad and I are talking about going out to take photos so he can teach me the ol' TLR. Old school photography. Amber gave me some film for that camera type so I'm hoping the camera works. What if it doesn't??? We shall see! I'm a little nervous cuz I'm not a good learner of the technical side of photography. I usually just wing it. And hope for the best. The old camera requires calculations and stuff. Gah!
► I should be working on a quilt block swap and I haven't started yet. :( I find it hard to work on creative projects when I don't feel creative. The only creative idea I've had for several months is taking my niece to the park in her fairy costume getup and taking pics of her just being herself. Thought that could be cute. I'll have to ask her momma if I can borrow her for an afternoon or morning.
► My list is too long, so I'll break it up and post the rest in a few days!
► Peace!

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Greta Adams said...

hmmm looks like he and mason should be brothers...mason broke his arm too...only on the 1st of september and it was caused from a pillow fight....{eyeroll} kids i tell ya